STILL LIFE: Intensive line drawing with an emphasis on line weight and contour. 

EXPRESSIONISM: Linoleum relief carvings and prints/Self Portraits. 

LINE and FORM week: collaborative installations using found/non conventional materials. 


Artist discussed: Frank Stella, Saul Lewitt

Skills: Line, drawing, painting, graphic design, composition

Claes Oldenburg inspired Public Art Installations

We discussed the Pop art movement and the artist Claes Oldenburg. Students then conceptualized and sketched a public art installation. After planning the students then created 3D sculptures of their public art piece at model scale.  

Skills: Conceptualization, planning, public art, sculpture, 3D form, color mixing

Observational Self Portraits in Graphite

Students learned about facial proportion, the skull, and drawing using line while looking into mirrors. There is a strong emphasis on OBSERVATION and PROPORTION rather than a formula when drawing the face. 

Matisse and his geraniums. 

Students learned about the theme of geraniums in the artist Henri Matisse's work. We later did 30 minute line studies of multiple live geranium plants. Based off of the students geranium studies, students created dry point etchings on plexi glass. 

Skills: observational drawing, drafting, etching, line, printmaking, edition

Mini Matisse inspired 3D houses. 

Students were shown paintings created by the artist Henri Matisse, they then created structures and later added fabric, wallpaper, handmade paper, paint and found objects to decorate their rooms. 

Skills: 3d construction, planning, interior design, textile design, fabrication, installation